Hello world!

Well, given this is my first post, I guess I should share something about myself.

Hi. My name is Ashleigh Gauch, though I’m sure you’ve guessed that from my name being plastered all over the site. I’m a speculative fiction writer who mostly works on the darker side of the craft. Cosmic horror, slipstream, dark science fiction, dark fantasy, straight horror, you name it.

As my craft skill (and library) grows, I hope to use this blog for a number of things, but the most important is this: to connect to you and readers like you. I check my comments regularly and plan on posting reviews of other books both in and out of my genre, announcements and cover reveals (before the ones on Facebook and Twitter), occasional free stories, and bits about my regular life. If you’re interested in that: cool! Subscribe to my mailing list or follow the blog on WordPress for updates.

Better yet, do both. I may not always get the best deals to the blog. 😉

As the new year opens in the wake of all the chaos from 2017, I hope my readers find blessings and peace with the passage of time. I know I have.

Onward and upward!