Reflections On My Second Signing

Photograph courtesy of Ramona Ridgewell

This past weekend, the wonderful Wayne Curran Jr., owner of Page Turner Books in Kent, WA, teamed up with myself, J. G. Follansbee, Kelly Antoine, Elizabeth Guizzetti, Edith Follansbee, Meescha Dare and Lori Collins to put on a fantastic nerd party for lovers of all things local and speculative.

Even though it was a rainy, dreary day outside, inside we found a bustling (and newly expanded) store filled with local fans eager to sample new voices and new ideas from local authors and artists.

Photo courtesy of Ramona Ridgewell

Kelly (to my left) brought her mystery novel The Ghost of Fort Leavenworth.

Photo courtesy of Ramona Ridgewell

I brought the wonderful UnCommon Lands collection from Fighting Monkey Press, alongside Starward Tales 2 from Manawaker Press. I ended up selling out of both before the end of the night!

Photo courtesy of J. G. and Edith Follansbee

J. G. Brought Carbon Run (you can find my review of it here) and a special pre-release paperback version of his upcoming third installment in the Tales of a Warming Planet series, City of Ice and Dreams.

Photo courtesy of Ramona Ridgewell

And Elizabeth brought her books Light Side of the Moon, The Grove, and The War Ender’s apprentice, alongside some of her original prints.

By the end of the night, we were all exhausted and thrilled at the wonderful turnout. I know Wayne has big plans for Page Turner Books in the future, and his Local Author shelf can only expand as time goes on. I hope I’ll get to see more of you next time he throws another Nerd Party!