Chronicles of a Drowsy God

Where is the line between power and control? And does fear really hinder us…or protect us? Welcome to the world of my Drowsy God series, where lines of probability can be manipulated by a talented few and behind every miracle lurks a monster.

Diary of the Hollow


Sometimes, fear holds you back. Sometimes it’s the only thing standing in the way of total ruin.

Life has it out for Dasha Berenzety. As if dealing with the three other voices in her head and her parent’s divorce wasn’t enough, strange shadows and old memories followed her from California to her new home in Washington.

At first she thinks she’s made friends with mayor’s daughter and “queen of the school” Alice and her two drones, but things quickly take a turn for the worst. Humiliated and enraged, she runs for student council president in the hopes she can end Alice’s rule and improve the quality of life for her fellow students. And, possibly, catch the eye of the cute girl in fifth period.

When a new voice shows up with promises of everything in her wildest dreams as a trade for her fears, she’s skeptical but goes along with it.

It worked.

Sometimes terror is your only protection.

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Covenant of the Hollow

Would you give up your ability to fear in exchange for your deepest desire?

Across centuries, the lives of two young women with vastly dissimilar ambitions collide.

Annalise Silva is a 21st-century nineteen-year- old mayoral hopeful in her small city. Between dealing with abusive parents and not being taken seriously as a candidate, she has a lot on her plate. When she investigates mysterious prophetic dreams, she discovers an extradimensional alien who offers her the office in a swap for her fears.

Elizabeth Bathory’s noble birth in 1500’s Hungary did not guarantee her happiness. Needing help to catch a husband to secure her family’s position, she accepts the alien creature’s whispered promise of her place in history if she will gift him her inhibitions. She didn’t know she’d be branded the most prolific serial killer in history.

With lives running in reverse and time running out, will their attempts to stop each other’s descent into madness succeed—before the beast destroys the world?

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Prisoner of the Hollow

Sk’at would never forget the day his home world was destroyed by the Brightening. A light brighter than any galaxy exploded into being, swallowing all the X’angii colonies and setting home on the fast track to destruction.

He discovered a way out without total destruction, but not without cost. Ascension, the abandonment of the physical form. Everyone not selected perished.

It was a massacre.

However, his master, Sti’da, survived. Together, they discovered they could manipulate the strings of energy making up the BrightSpace, a whole new frontier left in the wake of their shattered world. Through a special connection called the Spark, they created deals with creatures evolving in the Brightspace to further the goals of their species. He didn’t know the price he’d pay for helping them.

Because behind every miracle lurks a monster.

Coming Spring, 2018!